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Red RulePowered Parachute Flight Training Package*Red Rule

*A Sport Pilot Package is also available, ask for details.



Flight Training
Package includes:

Red Rule  Student Pilot License
Red Rule  Ground School
Red Rule  Dual Flight Instruction
Red Rule  Pre-Flight Briefing
Red Rule  Solo Flight With Radio Support
Red Rule  Solo Certificate For Framing
Red Rule  PPC Log Book
     *Students must be 16 or older

Buckeye Legal Eagle
     Buckeye Legal Eagle Solo Training Vehicle.

Start Flying Today...

Red Rule  Certified Flight Instructors
Red Rule  Multiple Landing Strips
Red Rule  New Training Aircraft

Email Your
Questions To...

SuperDave Lequire

Bi-Annual Flight Reviews (BFR)
Powered Parachute & Fixed Wing

Cost $150.00

Kentucky Powered Chutes
606 547-8514
3110 US Hwy 60 West
Morehead, KY 40351

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Kentucky Powered Chutes
David (SuperDave) Lequire, AFI, CFI


PPC Sales and Sport Pilot Flight Training
25 Years Experience With PPCs
3110 US Hwy 60 West
Morehead, KY 40351